$85 Million Canadian Cannabis Micro-cap Lands Sales Permit

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$85 Million Canadian Cannabis Micro-cap Lands Sales Permit

This is an article I wrote for Cannabis Stock Trades. This Canadian Cannabis company just landed a cannabis sales permit – a big win that should help it cash in when Canada legalizes recreational cannabis later this summer.

Winning a license to sell cannabis in Canada is a lot like winning the lottery. It’s an immediate pathway into an untapped $5 billion market.

However, just like the lottery – it’s not easy to get one of these permits.

Four years after Canada updated its domestic cannabis laws – only 97 companies have been licensed. Around 30 of those companies are publicly traded and control around 45 permits.

Today – I am going to reveal the most recent winner of Canada’s cannabis permit lottery.

Hiku Brands Ltd. (CSE: HIKU, OTC: DJACF) is an up and coming Canadian cannabis company headquartered in British Columbia.

Shares are traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker HIKU and in US OTC markets under the ticker DJACF.

$85MM Canadian Cannabis Microcap Scores Sales Permit

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